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Legalisation concerning origin

At a global level, chambers of commerce play a neutral role of intermediary, nurturing trust between customs administrations and private firms. The chambers of commerce have been tasked with certifying the origin of exported products. This certification is materialised by documentary proof of origin which is used by customs administrations to determine the origin of the product and to calculate the customs duties applicable. There are two main systems of certifying the origin of products :

1. The non-preferential system

The non-preferential system is the normal and usual form of Swiss legislation relating to origin. It is applied in all cases, in particular if Switzerland has not signed a bilateral or multilateral economic agreement involving
  • customs preferences,
  • a simplification of export procedures and
  • close cooperation between customs administration.

2. The preferential system

The preferential system represents the operational framework for firms exporting goods to countries which have signed preferential economic agreements with our country.

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