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Company set up

Business start-up consulting

  • You want to set up your own business and you don’t know where to start… 
  • Which legal form should you choose? 
  • What steps should you take to be independent? 
  • What are your obligations in terms of social insurance and work permits? 
  • Is it strictly necessary to register with the commercial register?

To answer all these questions, the CVCI provides a business start-up consulting service. Our specialists are at your disposal by appointment or by telephone from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to midday. We provide free accompaniment lasting approximately 30 minutes to answer your key questions with regard to starting up a business. 

The business start-up consulting service is a starting point for budding entrepreneurs whatever their project and background.

The aim of the CVCI is also to help these future entrepreneurs by putting them in contact with the right partners with a view to materialising their project. This new service therefore perfectly complements the existing consulting and coaching services within the canton of Vaud (in particular Genilem and Innovaud).


Zuzanna Adamczewska-Bolle

Responsable de projets et Création d'entreprise

Additionnal ressources

    Keen to help start-up entrepreneurs with a view to maximising their chances of success, the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) and the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) have joined forces to create a guide containing practical information which is useful to start-up entrepreneurs in order to accompany them in the different formalities to be completed.

    Thanks to this guide, entrepreneurs wishing to set up their own business obtain clear information and advice from a single source concerning the possibilities open to them and the path they should follow.

    They must be able to evaluate the feasibility of a project, fine-tune it, develop a strategy and plan the administrative formalities.

    Order our guide

    Download our guide

    Starting your own business A guide to planning, setting up and financing a company in Switzerland

    Accompaniment structures

    Entrepreneurs can contact several entities providing advice and accompaniment to obtain assistance in fine-tuning their project and reducing the risks.

    These entities include GENILEM, which accompanies newly created companies during the first years of their activity. GENILEM provides the skills necessary to develop a viable project. This involves accompaniment and training staggered over three years. The CVCI is also a partner of the Institute for Young Entrepreneurs IFJ, which offers support and training programs to new businesses.

    In response to a desire to lighten the administrative burden on start-up entrepreneurs, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) has launched a virtual online business start-up desk called This cyber-administration service enables entrepreneurs to submit a request for registration with the commercial register, the OASI, the VAT service and the accident insurance using a single set of data, with the system guiding them step by step through the formalities. 

    “Create your own business” training

    If you wish to become self-employed but you have no specific business management training, the BCV training cycle – organised in partnership with the CVCI and with the participation of GENILEM and SAWI – helps you to implement your project in the best possible conditions.

    It consists of 5 teaching modules (in French) with the following key objectives :

    • to analyse the potential and feasibility of your project
    • to advertise and sell your products or services
    • to choose a legal form and be aware of your social insurance obligations
    • to determine the funding necessary and present your project to your bank and, during the last session,
    • to discuss your project in detail with the four trainers.

    More information and registrations