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Company conflict prevention and management

Subscribing your company to the CVCI conflict prevention and management service allows you to effectively manage potential conflicts in the long term. A qualified person quickly intervenes to re-establish communication as well as a harmonious working environment.

When a conflict occurs within a company, there are many consequences. Often you notice a worsening in the working environment, a loss of productivity or an impact on customer relations.

Interpersonal conflicts can lead to significant financial or human costs, notably when they cause long-term absences, lack of turnover or legal proceedings.

To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, our company conflict prevention and management service offers you the following advantages:

    Any company, irrespective of its size, must have a conflict prevention and management system. This service corresponds to a ruling of the Federal court (2C_462/2011, of 9 May 2012 In French), in which a company was forced to appoint a neutral person outside of the hierarchy, to whom any worker must be able to speak to in order to get confidential advice and support.

    In order to guarantee a quality service, the CVCI has chosen to only work with persons trained in mediation and whose training is recognised and certified (notably by the Swiss Federation of Mediation Associations or by the Swiss Federation of Lawyers-Mediators FSM or FSA).

    The management of conflicts by a person in-house can prove to be problematic, especially in small structures where their employees easily report to a superior or there is a risk of partiality. Moreover, your managers or HR managers are not necessarily trained to do so or do not have enough time to devote to it.

    With the company conflict prevention and management service of the CVCI, you rely on an external, experienced person who can intervene quickly and if needs be, put mediation in place to defuse the conflict.

    The subscription for belonging to the conflict prevention and management service is CHF 250 a year for member companies and CHF 500 for non-members.

    Each use of the service gives rise to the payment of CHF 150 for registration costs (CHF 300 for non-members) as well as the payment of mediator fees (CHF 250/hour) up to 3 hours per case, unless otherwise agreed beforehand by the company.

    This cost is a lot less than potential costs of resolving the conflict by means of legal action.

This service can be activated both by your company employees and by yourself as employer, when you think that mediation could be effective to resolve a conflict within the company.

You are an employer?

Companies adhering to this service sign the “Prevention and management of conflicts within a company charter” available in French, English, German and Italian. The general conditions of the charter are available in French. Contact us to subscribe.

You are an employee and your employer has subscribed to this service?

Call on a mediator, in strict confidentiality: either by calling 021 613 35 37 or by filling in the application form, available in French, German, Italian or English. The process is explained to you in this flyer.


Barbara Venditti