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Membership conditions

1. Registration fee

A registration fee is collected upon admission of an active member. It is set at half the annual membership fee. 

2. Simultaneous membership of the CVCI and its social funds

If a new member joins the CVCI and its social funds at the same time, the CVCI registration fee and the membership fee for the first calendar year are free.

3. Membership fee

The membership fee for an active member is based on the total workforce of the company within the canton. Apprentices count as half a person, part-time staff count for a fraction of a person equivalent to their employment rate.

The annual membership fee is calculated as follows :

0 to 2 people  

CHF 410.--

3 to 10 people  

CHF 450.--

11 to 65 people 

CHF 500.--

Membership fee based on the workforce :

66 people or more  

CHF 7.60 vaxper person employed

Note : in the event of a member joining during the year, the first membership fee is calculated prorata temporis (in brackets of three months).

3. Conditions of membership of the CVCI social funds

a) AVS / AI / APG Fund

Estimated total annual payroll

Rate applied to the total payroll

Up to CHF 199'000.-

0.175 %

From CHF 200'000.-

0.100 %

From CHF 500'000.-

0.070 %

From CHF 2'000'000.-

0.055 %

From CHF 10'000'000.-


From CHF 20'000'000.-


From CHF 50'000'000.-

0.025 %

From CHF 100'000'000.-

0.020 %

 b) Family Allowance Fund (AF)

No contribution to administrative costs is collected. The rate of the contribution to be paid by the employer is 2.65% of the old age and survivors’ insurance wages.


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