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Introduction to Employment Law

Every employer has the obligation to comply with Swiss Law in his employment relationships.

Certain steps, like the conclusion of the employment contract, the management of leave periods and absences as well as the end of the employment relationship follow specific rules.

In order to comply with the legal framework and to avoid possible sanctions or damages, it is essential to know the ABCs of the Swiss employment law.

This seminar will give you an overview of the main issues of an employment relationship, from beginning to end.

Goals :

  • Learn the main legal principles about employment contracts, in order to apply them in your organisation
  • Distinguish specific types of contracts in order to choose the most suitable for your situation
  • Know employer’s and employee’s obligations
  • Understand the provisions governing the end of an employment contract and their implications to avoid legal proceedings

Programme :

  • The speaker will lay out the principles, with examples from case law and practical exercises. He will also answer your questions.
  • Sources
  • Characteristics of the individual employment contract
  • Duration of work and overtime
  • Employees’ obligations
  • Salary
  • Work tools, materials and expenses
  • Protection of employees’ personal rights
  • Vacation, public holidays and days off
  • Termination of the employment relationship

At the end of the day, the participants will have gained basic knowledge in Swiss employment law and will be able to put it into practice in their organisation.

Speaker : Barbara Venditti, legal department of the CVCI


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Date et horaires 16 septembre 2021 ,
13:30 - 17:00
Téléphone +41 21 613 35 31
Public visé You manage employees, of you have just been promoted to HR manager. You have little or no knowledge of employment law, and are in a position of managing the interactions between your organisation and its employees.
Organisateur Service juridique CVCI
Responsable Elodie Brechbuhler


Avenue d'Ouchy 47
1006 Lausanne


(ex. VAT) : 210 Swiss francs International Link members / 250 Swiss francs CVCI or HR Vaud members / 350 Swiss francs non-members