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Webinar - How to make decisions under uncertainty? Under uncertainty, simplicity can pay

How to make decisions under uncertainty? Under uncertainty, simplicity can pay.

How to navigate radically changing, unknown environments? How to recognize and manage risks in such environments? And how to lead others through tricky (e.g., ethically-charged) situations, for instance, when it is fully uncertain which decisions will turn out, later on, to be defendable? How to make clever forecasts about the future? How to seek opportunities, for example, by designing new work environments?

Today, many business leaders have to navigate new and changing economic and inter-personal worlds, emerging from the COVID-19 crisis. Successful management is driven by smart decision making. Recent advances in the decision sciences show how a toolbox of simple, intuitive rules of thumb for decision making cannot only lead to clever decisions in highly uncertain environments, but even outperform careful analysis, including complex and powerful algorithms (e.g., when it comes to “hard” forecasting problems). 

In this Webinar, we will explore how smart decisions can be made, based on such simple intuitive rules of thumb.  The session will (a) offer an overview of the toolbox of simple rules of thumb for decision making under radical uncertainty, and (b) invite participants to reflect what could be their own simple intuitive tools for managing uncertainty. 

Julian Marewski is full professor at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne. He is a decision scientist. His interdisciplinary line of work focuses on how simple, intuitive rules of thumb can aid making clever decisions in environments fraught with uncertainty.

This webinar is a LIVE event that will not be recorded. The presentation will not be sent to the participants. However, a list of additional reading suggestions will be sent after the event.


Date et horaires 13 novembre 2020,
13:00 - 14:00
Type Webinaire
Téléphone +41 21 613 35 35
Plus d'infos
Public visé Chefs d'entreprise, toutes personnes amenées à prendre des décisions
Organisateur CVCI
Responsable Raphaël Thiébaud


29.- CHF pour les membres / 39.- CHF pour les non-membres