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Reloc'coffee "Unlock your cultural awareness"

12 mars 10:00 - 12:00

"In expat heaven, safety levels are Swiss, leisure options are South African, teachers are Finnish, and neighbours are Mexican. In expat hell, safety levels are South African, leisure options are Finnish, teachers are Mexican, and neighbours are Swiss."

Is it already stereotyping or generalizing or just a different way to see others due to our own cultural background? 

  • What is ‘culture’ and how does it shape us? 
  • Which elements of culture have an impact on business life? 
  • What values are especially appreciated in Switzerland? 
  • What is important for a successful private and professional integration in this country? 

If you want to find an answer to all these questions and to share your knowledge and experience, please join us for this interactive workshop.

Katarzyna Grzesik-Harz was born and raised in Poland. After several years of working in Germany as a business analyst and project manager, she moved to Lausanne in 2012. 
Driven by her genuine interest for other cultures and languages she graduated in Master in Intercultural Communication (MIC) at the University in Lugano. 

Since 2017 she has been working as an Intercultural Communications Trainer by conducting country-specific workshops for expatriates and students to facilitate their personal and professional integration in the multicultural environment. 


Lieu CVCI, Avenue d'Ouchy 47, 1006 Lausanne
Horaires 10:00 - 12:00
Type Reloc'coffee
Téléphone +41 21 613 36 63
Public visé Partners of foreign and relocated employees; anyone interested
Prix Free of charge for partners of International Link member companies' employees / CHF 25 (+VAT) for other participants
Organisateur CVCI - International Link
Responsable Laurine Chiarini

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