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Vaud International Business Award

The strength of the canton of Vaud lies widely in the diversity of its economy, which has earned recognition far beyond the cantonal and national boundaries. In order to reward companies that have contributed to the image and international reputation of the canton of Vaud, the Department of Economy, Innovation and Sports (DEIS), the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) and the Economic Development - State of Vaud (DEV) have set up the Vaud International Business Award.

The purpose of this award is to highlight the contribution of international companies, the diversification they bring and their positive impact on our economy.

Three distinct prizes are awarded:

  • Category "Foreign company": foreign international company based in the canton of Vaud
  • Category "Swiss company": Swiss exporting company
  • Category "Jury's special prize": additional organization that the jury wishes to reward

The organisation of the Prize is coordinated by International Link, the CVCI's service dedicated to international entities.

    The fifth edition of the Vaud International Business Award was held on 8 November 2018 at IMD in Lausanne. 

    Philippe Leuba, Minister of Economic Affairs, Innovation and Sport, Blaise Vuille, Technical & Business Develpment Director, TESA SA, Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO, Bobst Group SA, Jurgi Caamblong, Co-Founder & CEO, SOPHiA GENETICS, Aude Pugin, President ot the CVCI, Claudine Amstein, Director of the CVCI, Jean-Frédéric Berthoud, Director Development Economic – State of Vaud

    Category "Foreign Company"


    Founded in 1941 and based in Renens, TESA SA is a manufacturer of precision measurement tools. In 2001, the company became part of the Swedish group Hexagon, a global supplier of information technology. With 800 employees globally – 300 of whom based in Renens, TESA SA has an annual revenue of almost CHF 100,000,000 and remains at the forefront of innovation. 

    Category "Swiss Company"


    BOBST, leader mondial de solutions pour l’emballage et l’étiquette, existe depuis 128 ans. Plus de 5400 collaborateurs dans le monde, dont environ 2000 dans le canton. A créé l’an dernier, à Cheseaux, la start-up Mouvent – Centre de Compétences pour l’impression numérique. 1528 millions de francs suisses de chiffre d’affaires en 2017.

    Jury's Special Prize


    Founded in 2011 at the EPFL, SOPHiA GENETICS has been based in Saint-Sulpice since 2014. This world leader in data-driven medicine, who created the AI SOPHiA, has 66 employees in the region and some 150 around the world. The company works with a network of more than 850 hospitals in 77 countries. 

    The three companies featured in the video below, based in the canton of Vaud, are regular partners of the prize-winners. They reflect the ongoing collaboration between SME and international entities.  

    Conseiller d'Etat, Chef du Département de l'économie et du sport
    Présidente, Chambre vaudoise du commerce et de l'industrie
    Président, Développement économique - Canton de Vaud (DEV)
    Doyen, Faculté des Hautes études commerciales (HEC) de l'Université de Lausanne
    Responsable des relations extérieures, IMD
    Managing Director, TESA Group

    Co-Head of Group HR, BOBST

    Co-Founder & CEO, SOPHiA GENETICS

    Many thanks to our partners for their contribution to the success of the Vaud International Business Award.

    With the support of 


    Silver Partners

    With over 150 beds, the Clinique de La Source is the biggest private institution offering acute multidisciplinary care (Surgery – Medicine – Maternity) in the canton of Vaud.

    OJC Consulting has been supporting international companies in their strategic digital transformation projects since 2007, by providing them consulting services and IT solutions for procurement and treasury management.

    As the Experience Company powered by the Intelligent Enterprise, SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries run at their best. The entrepreneurial focus of SAP Switzerland is on the business areas of sales, consulting, training and marketing for SAP SE's product portfolio in Switzerland.

    Media Partners


    In the ever-changing environment that is the canton of Vaud, "24 heures" brings local knowledge to the fore. Through a variety of voices, the newspaper offers complete news coverage as well as an extended dialogue with their readership. 

    Launched on January 24, 2018, CNNMoney Switzerland produces three hours of content daily, broadcast between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., and features news, market updates, and specialized shows on technology and culture. The more than 250 guests who have already appeared on the network include members of the Federal Council, foreign heads of state, CEOs of SMI-listed companies, and leaders of international organizations. CNNMoney Switzerland can be watched on television as well as on the Internet. 

    Would your company like to contribute to the promotion and success of the Vaud International Business Award? Do not hesitate to contact us!


    The three prize winners of the 5th Vaud International Business Awards are raising the profile of the region’s economy

    Lausanne, 8th November 2018 – TESA, leader in precision measurement tools, BOBST, worldwide supplier of machines for packaging manufacturers, and SOPHiA GENETICS, world leader in data-driven medicine, were rewarded for their achievements at the VIBAs this Thursday evening at the IMD Business School in front of 300 guests. Collectively awarded by the Department of Economics, Innovation and Sport (DEIS), the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) and Economic Development – Vaud (DEV), this award recognises three companies that are both excelling beyond our borders and also the driving powers of Vaud’s economy.

    Founded in 1941 and based in Renens, TESA SA blew away the competition in its category “Foreign Business”. The company, which makes precision measurement tools, hand-held tools and measuring sensors, became part of the Swedish group Hexagon, a global supplier of information technology, in 2001. Many of its innovations were made possible thanks to collaborations with universities in the region, in particular the EPFL. Currently, TESA has around 800 employees around the world, with 300 based in Renens (13 of whom are trainees). Their main clients are in the mechanic, automotive and medical industries, giving them an annual revenue of almost CHF 100,000,000. As well as the site in Renens, the company has affiliates in Europe, Japan and the USA, and a factory in China.

    Outstanding in its category “Swiss Business”, BOBST, world leader in packaging and labelling solutions, has been around for 128 years. The company has more than 5,400 employees around the world, with some 2,000 in Vaud (of whom around 200 are trainees). To stay at the height of innovation, the company is built around 4 principles: to learn, innovate, industrialise and establish. Last year in Cheseaux, the company also created the start-up Mouvent, its Centre of Expertise in digital printing. Currently, 25,500 BOBST machines are used worldwide. The company has sales and service networks in more than 50 countries and production sites across three continents. In 2017, BOBST’s revenue rose to CHF 1,528,000,000.

    SOPHiA GENETICS, founded in 2011 at the EPFL, set itself apart in the category “The Panel’s Special Award”. Based in Saint-Sulpice since 2014, the company currently has 66 employees in the region and some 130 more around the world. This world leader in data-driven medicine created the AI SOPHiA and work with a network of more than 850 hospitals in 77 countries. SOPHiA technology is used by hundreds of university hospitals around the world in order to better diagnose and treat patients thanks to an ultra-precise analysis of genomic data. As well as clinical genomics, the analytical power of SOPHiA also now corresponds to the needs of radiology and clinical trials. Responding to growing demand in the American market, an operational centre was opened in Boston last September. Currently, 20 employees work in the USA, a number that should grow to 50 in the next year.

    The award ceremony returned on 8th November with its panel of judges and three organisers. Presided over by Philippe Leuba, Head of DEIS, this year’s panel consisted of Aude Pugin, President of CVCI, Manuel Leuthold, President of DEV, Jean-Philippe Bonardi, Professor and Head of HEC Lausanne and Dominique Turpin, Head of External Relations at IMD in Lausanne. The previous year’s winners were also present – Thibaud Stoll, Managing Director of Biotech Production Sites for Merck, Alexandre Pesci, CEO of LEMO and André Wider, CEO of Wider SA.

    One award, three categories

    Since 2014, every autumn the VIBAs honour three businesses both active internationally and represented on Vaud soil. The prize winners are chosen based on a series of criteria, including the presence of a social seat in the region for at least 3 years, a contribution to the world’s image of the region and the creation of jobs locally. The category “International Business” takes into account local production of goods or services, economic diversification, local subcontracting and integration. The winner of the “Swiss Business” category is chosen according to criteria such as professional development, scientific collaborations and international expansion. The “Panel’s Special Award” honours a particularly innovative business, committed to the region and collaborating with other local businesses.

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